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As is often the case, step by step, large distances are covered.
And when you turn back to look at how far you have come and how much time has passed, the amazement is profound.
This is exactly what happened to us at PM Free. We started many years ago, over twenty, as a small artisan company in the electrical sector, with the will and desire to build an entrepreneurial reality capable of satisfying not only our customers but also ourselves. A reality able to grow over time by acquiring new skills and keeping pace with technology, offering new services, and collaborating with both major companies and private clients. If we look back we are certain that we have succeeded.

The path was not easy, but determination and the willingness to overcome the challenges we have encountered along the way made the difference. That is why today at PM Free, thanks to the skills we have acquired, we are able to assist our clients from the beginning to end, taking care of both new projects and existing ones. Because at PM Free, we have one goal: to shed light on your ideas.



Grid-connected photovoltaic systems
Off-grid photovoltaic systems
Energy storage systems

Electrical and Special Systems

Civil, industrial, and commercial electrical systems
Communication and Data Transmission
Alarm and Security
Video Surveillance and Access Control
Home Automation and Smart Home

Maintenance and Assistance

Technical inspections
Scheduled and on-demand assistance
Hardware and software updates



INNOVATION, COMMITMENT and INTEGRITY are the three pillars on which our company stands, adapting to changes and anticipating market needs.


To create value by offering services and products that meet our customers' needs and exceed their expectations, providing innovative and cutting-edge solutions.


We are committed to consistently providing the highest standards of reliability, functionality, and durability in both the services and products we offer.


In PM Free, we design and independently implement all our systems.
However, we also offer a range of related or standalone services according to your needs.

Photovoltaic Systems

We handle both "grid-connected" and "off-grid" photovoltaic systems. The former are directly connected to the national electrical grid, while the latter are completely self-sufficient in electricity production. We can also create energy storage systems to complement both types of photovoltaic systems.

Electrical Systems

We design and build Residential and Industrial/Commercial Electrical Systems. In addition to our expertise, we use the best materials, the most efficient devices, and the latest technologies to ensure your safety and maximum productivity.

Special Electrical Systems

We also create Special Electrical Systems for various needs, including civil, industrial, and corporate applications, such as automation, alarm and intrusion systems, security and surveillance, access control, home automation, and smart home solutions.

Connectivity and Data Transfer

We are specialized in designing data network systems for offices, data centers, and control rooms. For conference and meeting rooms, we provide complete electrical and multimedia equipment setup, delivering turnkey solutions.

Technical Inspections

We conduct regular and specialized technical inspections, not only for our own installations but also for existing systems and setups. Ensuring the proper functioning of systems and equipment is essential for efficiency and optimal performance.

Assistance and Maintenance

We offer remote assistance for issues that can be resolved at a distance. If that's not possible, on-site intervention is available. We also provide clients with contracts for periodic maintenance, safety checks, and hardware and software updates.


Below we show you some achievements according to our areas of expertise.


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